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Sit ups, bridges and Russian twists are not safe for everyone! Here's why.....

John has been working with clients since 2006 helping them increase overall fitness levels, lose weight and increase their mobility, balance and endurance. Over the years he has worked with many people who have been in pain from common conditions such as stenosis, compressed vertebrae, herniated discs and sciatica. With research and application he has developed a 40 minute core routine that has been proven to be not only safe but effective. He now has developed a video for you to be able to do this routine right from your very own home. Personal training sessions focusing on this core routine will include online access of the entire routine. Typically two personal training sessions are needed to go over everything but even after the first you will have a handful of exercises that you can start doing on your own right away!

Video's are delivered on a standard USB flash drive that you can plug right into your computer or any modern day newer television. If DVD format is your preference please contact John before ordering as a price variance may exist.

Purchase options are either online through the use of Paypal or a check can be mailed and upon receipt your order will be shipped. If using the check payment method, please send an email to John to obtain the mailing address and please use certified mail so your payment can be tracked.