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A circuit style workout that uses basic exercises with proper technique to increase full body strength. Our lower body routine consists of 7 common leg exercises which have been proven to improve balance and agility. Upper body workouts use a variety of exercises to create arm strength and improve shoulder flexibility. Participants choose the weight they are comfortable using and perform an exercise for one minute before moving on to the next one. Resistance bands, dumbbells, cable machines, weighted bars, and exercise balls are all utilized. Sessions are one hour in length. Space is limited to just 13 participants with social distancing guidelines followed. $7 per session with monthly discounts available.

                                        Water Workouts

The buoyancy of water provides a gentler environment for all joints while still elevating your heart rate for cardiovascular benefits. Every session begins with a 5 minute warm up phase and then quickly transitions into a 25-30 minute aerobic segment.  After a quick water break, depending on which day it is, the next portion of the one hour workout targets either upper body muscles groups or legs. Monday's focus is on arms with the use of water dumbbells while Wednesday shifts to lower body with common exercises like squats and lunges performed. All though many people can not execute a lunge or squat while on land, these movements are easily performed in waist high water and help keep knees and hips moving efficiently. Friday's routine consists of upper body exercises utilizing noodles and water dumbbells and some time is spent focusing on the abdominal areas. Sunglasses and hats are encouraged and bringing bottled water is recommended. Our pool always has a lifeguard on duty in the event someone may need immediate medical attention.  $5 per session.