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Vero Beach, FL

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JAS Fitness continues to provide group training sessions for SILVER SNEAKERS and RENEW ACTIVE members.

Our group sessions consist of circuit style strength training. With 12 different exercise stations set up, clients spend one minute at each, choosing the weight and resistance they feel comfortable with. After a minute has gone by, everyone moves to the next station. This is known as a circuit. While clients are exercising, our professional instructors are there keeping an eye on everyone, assisting them with adjusting machines and continually wiping the equipment as the session is in progress. Normally these small group training sessions cost $7 per workout.

The exercises that we use are very basic in nature and focus on upper body strength training, range of motion, use of leg machines and balance drills. All participants should be relatively pain free and able to stand for 60 minutes at a time while being able to get up and down out of chairs on their own.

The days and times are as follows:

Mondays 7:30 am and 10:30 am

Tuesdays 10:30 am

Thursdays 10:30 am

Fridays 7:30 amĀ 

Our group sizes are limited to 12 participants at a time. Being very popular, it is common for there to be a stand by list when room becomes scarce. If any of the days and times do fit your schedule and you would like to attend, email John at john@jasfitness.com with your inquiry. He will be sure to get back to you during the upcoming weekend.

JAS Fitness is located within Leisure Square. 3705 16th Street. Leisure Square is owned and operated by the City of Vero Beach. It is part of the Cities recreation department. Because JAS Fitness is the provider of these programs and the City of Vero Beach is not, all participants are subject to a monthly facility use fee. For City tax paying residents the cost is $5.35 per month while non-city County residents are subject to a monthly fee of $10.70. All fees collected by the City go towards the operational expenses of maintaining its recreation department. This program is neither endorsed or promoted by the City of Vero Beach.