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As a proud provider of the Silver Sneakers program, we remain excited about working with people who are at all levels on the fitness spectrum. Whether it's improving your balance, increasing the range of motion in your shoulder or just becoming stronger to keep those activities of daily living going, we have the right programming for you.  If your health insurance provider offers the Silver Sneakers program, it's simple to get enrolled and start exercising under the guidance of professional instructors at no financial cost to you.

Step 1: Contact your insurance company to see if your policy includes the Silver Sneakers benefit OR log on to www.silversneakers.com and fill out the eligibility form.

Step 2: Once you have your member ID number, contact John to set up a complimentary orientation.

Step 3: Reserve your spot in one of our Silver Sneakers designated classes.

At your orientation you will learn of all the different group classes that are offered and which ones would best suit you based on your mobility, fitness level, injuries and personal experience with exercising. Never stepped foot in a gym before and don't know how to use the machines? No worries, we have an introduction class designed to show you proper body mechanics for some of the more traditional exercises. Ready to challenge yourself with something more than just the basics? We have a class tailored for that to, combining different exercises in order to create compound movements. When signing up, our goal is to help start you on the right path with what's appropriate for you.

Don't delay though because unlike other gyms whose goal is to pack the room full with as many people as possible, we do keep our class sizes to a limited number. This ensures that our instructors will easily point out mistakes and correct your form when doing something incorrectly. With 12 people in a class, there's 24 elbows and knees to keep an eye on! We look forward to adding you to the list of  people we are helping every day.